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Attention all Aether Gazer fans! Get ready for an exhilarating experience as the anime-themed ARPG unveils its latest event, “Where the Butterfly Belongs.” This captivating storyline introduces intriguing characters and thrilling challenges that will keep you hooked from August 1st to September 4th.

Join the Administrator in the enchanting world of Ain Soph as they encounter the enigmatic Phantom Butterfly and embark on a journey filled with mysteries and excitement. The mesmerizing effect of the Phantom Butterfly has taken hold of Ain Soph, giving rise to the appearance of mysterious black butterflies.

As the Administrator tries to make sense of these occurrences, a devastating quake strikes the Duskfall Area, leaving it in ruins. Amidst the chaos, a chance meeting with a girl named Hel becomes the focal point of the unfolding narrative. Dive deep into the mysteries surrounding Hel and the Administrator as they navigate through the cataclysmic events in “Where the Butterfly Belongs.”

Aether Gazer Events Gives Players Rewards and New Features

As you venture through the limited-time event, prepare to reap abundant rewards. From Shifted Stars and Ain Soph Coins to Battle Records T3, there’s a treasure trove of prizes awaiting Administrators. By finishing this event, you will get Lost Seedbanes that can be used to exchange for much interesting item. Additionally, don’t miss the 7-day Sign-In event, where daily logins lead to exciting rewards like Coolants and Spirit Extract T3.

Here are four new Modifiers introduced in this event:

  1. Darkstar – Hel (S-Grade Modifier): A shadow ranged Modifier capable of dealing single-target and AOE attribute damage, making her a fearsome force in any team lineup.
  2. Phantasmal Dawn – Hera (S-Grade Modifier): As a light element ranged Modifier, Hera brings group damage and valuable attack boosting support to her teammates.
  3. Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu (A-Grade Modifier): This light element Modifier excels at immobilizing enemies, perfect for both single-target and group encounters.
  4. Windwalker – Hermes (A-Grade Modifier): A wind element Melee Modifier with a unique passive mechanism, allowing swift and powerful attacks.

Enhance your Modifiers’ efficiency with the introduction of four new functors: Elf – Muriel, Shikigami – Kurodooji, Herald – Miriam, and Herald – Pegasus. And don’t forget the thrilling new ultimate skillchains: Comet Circling and Starwind, which promise to take your battles to a whole new level.

To top it all off, the in-game store offers a variety of exclusive items, including the stylish “Butterfly Dreams” outfit for Darkstar – Hel and the dazzling “Bluesky Realm” outfit for Phantasmal Dawn – Hera. Be sure to explore the Exclusive Packs designed to enhance the power of these formidable S-Grade Modifiers.

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