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Minecraft enthusiasts, get ready for an exciting update! Minecraft PE APK Download Android and iOS is now officially available with a host of thrilling Early Access content. This latest release brings bug fixes, technical enhancements, gameplay adjustments, and more.

What’s New on Minecraft PE APK Download Android and iOS:

Here’s a concise list of the noteworthy changes you’ll find in Minecraft PE

1. Diamond Ore Distribution: Increases the number of Diamonds found at the bottom of the terrain to make Deepslate layers more rewarding.

2. Audio Improvements: Strays now emit the correct sound while using bows. Various equipment now makes distinct sounds when switching between armor pieces, each with unique charms or decorations. The song “Trails and Tales” now plays in the game menu, and shields make sounds when equipped in the off-hand slot.

3. Blocks: Third-person camera no longer clips through Snow, Mud, and Soul Sand. Stonecutters no longer drop as items when using the wrong tool. Bell mining for Pistons and Sticky Pistons is faster. Toggling Redstone Repeaters or Comparators no longer interferes with water flow. The “concrete_powder” block now has unique instances for different colors.

4. Cherry Grove: Underwater fog in Cherry Groves now uses improved transitions for better visibility.

5. Gameplay Enhancements: The long-press feature for crafting output slots on touch screens has been restored. Crafting speed when long-pressing output slots has been reduced to 4 items per second. Sleeping text now reflects the PlayersSleepingPercentage gameplay rule. Properly skipping the night if a player who isn’t sleeping leaves while others are sleeping. Players will no longer enter the End Portal when sleeping in a bed directly under it.

6. Graphics: Added “Vertical Synchronization” setting to the Video menu.

7. Marketplace: Players now have a way to send one-way messages to Creators to provide feedback, contributing to future content and changes.

8. Mobs: Mobs can now hold and wield Illager Banners in their main hand. Fixed an issue with Parrots facing different directions from players while in a boat.

9. Recipe Unlocking Rules: Optional rules added to limit crafting. Only effective when recipe unlocking is enabled. Prevents players from crafting unopened recipes. The option is off by default and can be modified with the “/gamerule” command.

10. Stability and Performance: Fixed various bugs, including UI issues with repeated ‘Esc’ presses in Realms settings. Resolved unresponsive server behavior when players were besieged by Ghasts trapped in lava columns. Fixed game crashes when placing one item from a stack into a full stack of the same item.

11. Touch Controls: Fixed the issue of sneaking input not working correctly while flying.

12. User Interface: Various fixes for text boxes, Full Keyboard Gameplay support on iOS and Android, death screen appearance, and more.

13. Vanilla Parity: Adjustments to Villager professions, Redstone Shulker Box, ice and snow formations, and more.

14. Sculk Vibrations: Eye of Enders, Minecarts, collecting fish and other items, smelting and dyeing clothes, and using dyes now trigger vibrations.

15. Multiplayer: Fixed client connection issues to dedicated servers in certain situations.

16. Commands: Improved autocomplete for commands, block restriction in commands for unknown blocks, and more.

How to Get Minecraft PE APK:

Excited to try out the latest features and improvements? Keep in mind that this update is still in Beta/Early Access, meaning it hasn’t been fully released yet, and some elements are still under development.

  • For Android users, you can download the latest Beta version by clicking here.
  • iOS users can access the Beta version by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new Minecraft PE APK and all the fantastic changes it brings to your favourite game! Happy crafting!

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