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Are all mage heroes in Mobile Legends easy to defeat? While it’s true that most mages have low health and weak defense, there are some exceptional ones that are extremely challenging to face. In this blog post, we’ll delve into three mage heroes in MLBB who possess extraordinary abilities, making them incredibly formidable opponents. If you thought all mages were a walk in the park, think again!

1. Change

First up is Change, a hero who proves to be both formidable and elusive. Despite lacking high mobility and vulnerability to quick elimination, Change boasts an impressively thick shield that multiplies her defenses. Only a select few heroes stand a chance against her relentless onslaught.

2. Valentina

Beware of Valentina, as she can single-handedly spell doom for the unwary. This mage possesses an immense damage potential coupled with annoying crowd-control effects. But what truly sets her apart is her ability to mimic her opponent’s ultimate move, leaving her adversaries guessing at every turn. Taking on Valentina requires careful strategy and coordination to avoid falling victim to her devastating powers.

3. Kagura

Lastly, we have Kagura, a mage with both extraordinary mobility and significant damage output, making her a formidable foe. Her high agility combined with considerable burst damage makes it exceptionally difficult to engage her in combat. Moreover, Kagura is a natural counter to marksmen, making her a terrifying force in the hands of a skilled player.

Now that you’ve met these three unstoppable mages, you’ll be better prepared to face them on the battlefield. Keep in mind their unique strengths and weaknesses, and devise cunning strategies to outsmart them. So, the next time you encounter Change, Valentina, or Kagura on the battlefield, remember, they’re not your average mage heroes – they’re extraordinary forces to be reckoned with! Stay tuned for more exciting Mobile Legends insights and tips. Happy gaming!

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