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Gear up for an exciting update in Tower of Fantasy 3.1 as publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio unveil the much-anticipated Midsummer Merriment expansion. Set to launch on August 8, this major update promises to bring a wealth of new content to the hit free-to-play, open-world MMORPG, available on both PC and mobile devices.

Tower of Fantasy 3.1 – New Map Cloudpeak Manor, with Many New Enemies

Venture into the heart of Ignisville and discover the enigmatic Cloudpeak Manor, once a vibrant hub bustling with life, now shrouded in Darkness and on the brink of collapse. Prepare to be amazed by the Manor’s extraordinary and unique creatures, including the cow-like Cyox and the mysterious Crystalline Darkness.

But be wary, for a new formidable enemy lurks within the shadows – the Black Crow Dark Wretch. Formerly a symbol of good fortune, the Golden Crow that surrounded the area has fallen to Darkness, transforming into this formidable foe. Armed with tough bone armour and three retracted bird heads, the Black Crow strikes fear into the hearts of any who dare cross its path.

Not only that, Players will be able to explore Jad Pavilion Fair which is a brand new Storyline full of quest, wanderers, and many more interesting stuff. Not only that, Ming Jing which is the newest simulacra also join with this story expansion.

Those interested in the game, new map, and of course new Simulacra might want to download the game Tower of Fantasy right now on android and iOS!

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