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Mobile Legends, the popular mobile MOBA game, is ever-evolving, with heroes rising and falling in popularity based on balance changes and meta shifts. In 2023, some heroes might find themselves in a weaker position compared to others. Despite their current standings, these heroes still have untapped potential waiting to be discovered. Join us as we explore the five weakest heroes in Mobile Legends 2023 and reveal how they can still be viable picks with the right approach.

1. Mathilda

Mathilda, the Support Assassin, has the potential to disrupt the enemy team with her unique gameplay. However, her win rate suggests that many players struggle to grasp her true power. Unlocking Mathilda’s potential requires mastering her abilities, which offer a delicate balance of support and damage. With the right strategy and coordination, Mathilda can surprise opponents and sway battles in her team’s favor.

2. Wanwan

Wanwan’s win rate remains relatively low despite receiving buffs. This marksman demands precision and finesse from players, making her a challenging hero to master. Excelling with Wanwan requires early-game farming to unlock her full potential. Nevertheless, skilled players who can meet her demands can turn her into a formidable force, sniping enemies from a distance and securing victories for their team.

3. Dyrroth

Dyrroth’s recent increase in popularity doesn’t translate into a higher win rate. As a fighter, he possesses the ability to shred through tanky foes, but many players falter by engaging recklessly and meeting an untimely demise. By understanding Dyrroth’s capabilities and capitalizing on his strengths during team fights, players can elevate his performance and claim victory on the battlefield.

4. Balmond

Balmond, a fighter with semi-tanker attributes, boasts impressive damage and defense capabilities. However, his win rate places him among the weakest heroes in the game. To turn the tides with Balmond, players must master his abilities and strike a balance between tanking and dealing damage. Proper positioning and timing are key to surviving longer in battles and ensuring Balmond contributes significantly to his team’s success.

5. Leomord

Despite receiving a semi-revamp, Leomord’s win rate remains stagnant. This fighter has seen improvements in damage and skills, but his overall performance is lackluster. To unlock Leomord’s true potential, players must learn how to synergize his abilities and adapt to different situations effectively. With the right combination of items and team coordination, Leomord can rise above his weak standing and become a valuable asset on the battlefield.

While the win rates and popularity of these heroes might suggest they are among the weakest in Mobile Legends 2023, they are by no means unplayable or without potential. With dedication, practice, and a deep understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, players can turn these seemingly weak heroes into formidable adversaries. As the game continues to evolve, these heroes might just surprise us all with their hidden potential, proving that in Mobile Legends, anything is possible. So, embrace the challenge, experiment with different strategies, and let the battles begin!

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