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In a thrilling collaboration between MOONTON Games and the World Champions, M4 ECHO, an exciting announcement has taken the gaming community by storm – #EChouLOUD is here! This year, the chosen hero to receive a special championship skin from the M4 Series skins is none other than the formidable Mobile Legends Hero Chou.

In a visually captivating splash art unveiled on the official channels, Hero Chou proudly dons the iconic team jersey while riding atop their signature majestic purple whale. This exclusive skin has been meticulously crafted by the creative minds at Moonton to honor ECHO Esports’ triumphant victory in the M4 World Championship.

The intricate details of the skin, as revealed through the stunning splash art, beautifully encapsulate the spirit of the M4 champions. Adorned with ECHO Esports’ distinctive varsity flair and adorned with elegant purple and black accents, this skin truly radiates a sense of sophistication and prestige.

Mobile Legends Echo Cloud M4 Skins for Chou Release Date

Prepare yourselves, dear players, for a forthcoming in-game event that promises exclusive discounts! MOONTON Games is gearing up to launch a series of immersive in-game activities that will run from August 14th to August 20th, 2023, allowing players the opportunity to snag the #EChouLOUD skin at a special reduced price.

Mark your calendars, as the grand unveiling of the highly anticipated skin is set for August 21st, 2023. ECHO Esports is all set to grace their official Facebook page with a live broadcast, where they will showcase the mesmerizing in-game effects of the new skin in Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang. This event will not only treat fans to an up-close look at the skin’s captivating visuals but also foster interactions between the team and their dedicated fans, all while showering lucky viewers with exciting rewards.

As the release date draws near, players can anticipate engaging in thrilling in-game events that promise exclusive discounts on the #EChouLOUD skin. The stage is set for August 21st, 2023, when ECHO Esports will take to their official Facebook page to unveil the skin through a live broadcast. Witness firsthand the awe-inspiring effects of the skin, interact with the team, and stand a chance to win exciting rewards, as gaming history is etched in the annals of #EChouLOUD.

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