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9 Best Weapon in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 – The ever-evolving world of Call of Duty Mobile has witnessed a seismic shift in its weapon meta during the latest season. The once-dominant CBR4 has now been dethroned, paving the way for a new era of firearms. In this article, we embark on a journey through the current season’s top-tier weaponry, delving into their statistics and loadouts.

Best Weapon in Call of Duty Mobile Season 8

1. XPR: The Lightning-Fast Sniper

Our first contender, the XPR, boasts an impressive 292 milliseconds of Aim Down Sight (ADS) time and a 32-meter one-shot kill range to vital body parts. This sniper is tailor-made for aggressive sharpshooters, offering a rapid fire rate of 375 milliseconds and minimal recoil, enabling an infinite two-shot kill capability.

2. SKS: The Spam-Friendly Sharpshooter

Although not a one-shot sniper, the SKS is the ideal choice for those who prefer a more relentless approach. With a firing interval of just 165 milliseconds and the ability to secure infinite two-shot kills at any range, it shines as the epitome of long-range precision shooting.

3. PP-19 Bizon: Versatile and User-Friendly

For those seeking a forgiving and versatile SMG, the PP-19 Bizon fits the bill. With negligible recoil, a capacious magazine, decent Bullet Spread Accuracy (BSA), and an impressive 42-meter four-shot kill range, it’s the go-to choice for players in search of a reliable companion.

4. KN 44: The All-Purpose Assault Rifle

The KN 44 takes the crown for mobility and versatility among assault rifles. It’s the perfect companion for those wanting to adapt to various in-game scenarios.

5. LK 24: Designed for Long-Range Dominance

On the other hand, the LK 24 caters to players who favor a more forgiving recoil pattern, reduced flinch, and enhanced BSA, making it the ideal choice for long-range engagements.

6. Fennec: The Close-Quarter Maverick

With an astonishing fire rate of 1111 rounds per minute, the Fennec excels in close-quarters combat. Its unmatched hipfire accuracy and rapid rate of fire make it a formidable choice in tight situations.

7. QQ Nine: Reliable Close-Range Firepower

Despite a slightly lower fire rate at 800 RPM, the QQ Nine still proves its worth in close-range battles, offering dependability and formidable damage output.

8. HVK 30: A Force to be Reckoned With

While mastering the HVK 30 might require some finesse due to its idiosyncrasies, it stands as one of the game’s statistical giants. In the right hands, it becomes a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

9. Argus: Shaking Up the Meta

Introducing the dark horse of the season, the Argus shotgun. With its sniper-like range, it’s poised to disrupt the established meta. However, we’ll have to wait and see how it fares after the inevitable nerfs.


In summary, the Call of Duty Mobile weapon meta has undergone a profound transformation, bidding adieu to the CBR-4’s dominance. The Best Weapon Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 in this list offers a diverse array of options, catering to various playstyles and preferences. Whether you fancy precision sniping, close-range dominance, or all-around adaptability, there’s a weapon on this list that will perfectly complement your style. So, gear up and step onto the battlefield to discover the one that suits you best.

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