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A few weeks back, Netmarble rolled out the highly anticipated Seven Knights Idle Adventure on both Android and iOS platforms. The game has already received its first major content update, bringing a boatload of exciting new features, heroes, regions, costumes, and various events for players to dive into.

In this latest update, a grand total of eight new characters have been added to Seven Knights Idle Adventure. However, one character in particular has generated a lot of buzz – the legendary hero Kagura. She’s a ranged character whose Active Skill packs a punch, dealing damage equal to 250% of her attack within a specific radius. What’s more, each successful attack triggers a knockback effect, pushing enemies back by 5 meters.

First Content Update for Seven Knights Idle Adventure Comes with New Character

Kagura truly shines in battles against melee-type opponents, as her damage output against them increases by a whopping 50%. But Legendary Kagura isn’t the only addition; players can also get their hands on heroes like Jin (U), Kathy (E), Daisy (U), and Lina (U), among others.

The update doesn’t stop at new heroes. Netmarble has also introduced several in-game events to keep players engaged for the weeks to come. In the Chaos Ruins, players will face off against challenging boss battles, with enticing rewards up for grabs, including the coveted Four Leaf Clover, Hero EXP, and Rubies.

If you’re eager to bolster your hero roster, now’s the time. The summon rates for Kagura, Rachel, Lucrezia, and Jev have been boosted until October 18th. Additionally, Orly, a character from the original Seven Knights game, can be obtained during the Moonlight Guards Carnival event, provided you collect enough event currency.

And for a change of scenery, everyone can explore the Moonlit Isle, a serene island adorned with cherry blossoms. It’s also the inspiration for Kagura’s stunning new costume. If you’re a fan of RPGs and on the lookout for similar titles, be sure to check out our list of the top RPGs to enjoy on your iOS device!

With all these exciting updates and events, Seven Knights Idle Adventure promises an even more immersive and thrilling gaming experience. So, gather your heroes and embark on this epic journey today!

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