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A fresh update of Tower of Fantasy v3.3 is on the horizon, set to arrive on October 24th, and it’s called “A Sword Dance of Ice.” In this latest update, the open-world MMORPG is getting a new content, including a map, story, and challenging bosses.

New Map in Tower of Fantasy Marshville – A Frozen Wilderness

One of the highlights of this update is the introduction of Marshville, a once-thriving land now turned into a wintry wonderland due to the Darkness’ invasion. If you’re a fan of chilly landscapes, this might just be an improvement! Marshville is home to two colossal Black Jade Ruins, each harboring mysteries that have puzzled many for years.

Within Marshville, you’ll come across the Marshville Mansion, housing the Baihu Guards’ chief’s office. There’s also the Tramway Terminal, responsible for resource transportation, and The Department of Yuheng, an organization offering guidance in battling the Darkness.

New Enemies as Part of the Update and Main Story

Prepare to challenge Xingtian, a high-ranking Darkness entity sealed within a dungeon at the cost of many lives. Defeating this formidable adversary won’t be a walk in the park, but if you’re up for the task, go for it! Dive into the Frost-Covered Marshville main story, focusing on helping the locals break free from the Darkness’s clutches and hastening the modification of the Infinite Sundial.

So if you are looking forward to check the update, you can download the game right now, and take a sneak peek in the trailer above. Those interested can download the game by using the link below, and it is going to be updated exactly on 24 October 2023.

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