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The much-awaited Wizard Of Legend Android is set to drop today. This top-down roguelike magic game takes you on an exhilarating journey through a perilous magical dungeon, where you’ll take on the role of a powerful wizard. Forget the stereotypical image of a feeble old man with a long white beard. In Wizard Of Legend, you’ll find yourself launching across the arena, delivering powerful punches coated in arcane fire to knock down your opponents.

Prepare to dive into the Chaos Trials, where you’ll compete against formidable magical constructs, putting your skills to the ultimate test. Survival in these trials demands mastering your magical abilities, selecting elemental magic, and strategically growing your spells’ powers. Learning to synergize different magical abilities will be crucial in overcoming the challenges posed by the trials.

Wizard of Legends Offers Fast-Paced Combat and Rogue Elements

Be ready for lightning-fast combat, where a misstep could lead to a swift demise. Maneuvering through the chaos and luring enemies into group formations to unleash powerful spells will be your key to success. Remember, as a roguelike game, multiple attempts may be necessary to emerge victorious. But fear not, as the currency earned during each run can be used to unlock new gear, offering you an edge in your subsequent attempts.

Excited to jump into the adventure? Keep an eye on the developers’ Twitter handle for the exact release time. While the Google Play link is yet to be discovered, sticking to the official channels is your best bet to get your hands on this thrilling game. Get ready to embark on an exciting magical quest as Wizard Of Legend arrives on Android devices

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