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Many Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (ML) players are eager to get their hands on the Seal of Anvil Crawlers recall effect. It’s a hot item because it’s cheap, but getting the permanent version is like winning the lottery.

Some players are buzzing about Seal of Anvil Crawlers patterns in Mobile Legends, wondering if they’re the real deal. Many have tried different patterns shared by fellow players and content creators. According to the buzz, the draw pattern might vary depending on your server, and you need to draw a specific number of times to snag the permanent version.

But here’s the scoop: as of November 2023, the draw patterns for the Seal of Anvil Crawlers in Mobile Legends don’t actually work. It’s all about luck – whether you end up with a trial or a permanent recall effect.

Good news for those running low on Diamonds – you can use the recently dished out Promo Diamonds as compensation to draw in the limited-time bundle. Just keep in mind, each bundle purchase requires at least 1 regular Diamond. These Promo Diamonds are handy for grabbing heroes or skins too.

Seal of Anvil Crawlers patterns in ML Mobile Legends?

There’s been some noise about it, and a video by Guide MLBB shared these patterns based on server IDs:

  • 1000: 6-8-3-2
  • 2000: 5-3-6-5
  • 3000: 5-6-3-7-2-2
  • 4000: 2-5-7-9-1
  • 5000: 7-2-3-4-1-1
  • 6000: 1-1-1-5-1-3
  • 7000: 4-5-1-5-1
  • 8000: 3-2-5-6-1
  • 9000: 3-7-5-6
  • 10000: 4-4-3-2
  • 11000: 6-2-3-4
  • 12000: 3-4-1-3
  • 13000: 2-2-5-3-4
  • 14000: 7-3-1-5
  • 15000: 1-3-2-5-2
  • 16000: 4-3-7-1
  • 17000: 2-2-7-1
  • 18000: 4-2-6-5

These numbers supposedly indicate how many bundles to buy and open at once, and following this pattern is said to guarantee a permanent recall effect on the final purchase. But, and it’s a big but, these patterns have been proven to be bunk. They don’t work. As of now, there’s no reliable pattern to follow when snatching the Seal of Anvil Crawlers bundle in Mobile Legends, It is all based on how lucky you are.

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