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Guess what’s making a comeback in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), The Aspirant skins are teasing a return on the game’s advanced server. In an upcoming draw event, players can snag those anime-themed skins for Ruby and Angela.

And here’s the cool part – just like before, the Aspirants Mobile Legends event hooks players up with free tokens to try their luck in scoring skins or cool cosmetics. Plus, if you make a 10x draw, you’re guaranteed an Epic tier or higher skin.

Rumour has it that the first phase of the event might kick off in late November, with the second phase following in early December. But hold up, Moonton hasn’t spilt the beans officially about The Aspirant’s skins returning in ML – so stay tuned for the word from the horse’s mouth.

The Aspirants skins in Mobile Legends release date Comeback?

According to the info-digging pros, it’s expected to drop on November 25, 2023. But here’s the catch: you can’t start pulling for these skins until the second phase of the event on December 9.  However, Don’t get too excited just yet – Moonton hasn’t given the official nod to that release date. Keep those peepers open for updates.

How to Get The Aspirant Mobile Legends Skin

The Aspirants event might also roll out two hot skins – Mecha Maiden Ruby and Cyber Cherubin Angela. You can snatch these up either through the draw event or the Terinia minigame.

But wait, there’s a secret sauce for getting your hands on The Aspirant’s skins in Mobile Legends. While the draw event gives you a shot at randomly snagging these anime-themed skins, there’s a surefire method to unlock them. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Make 10 draws from the event and score an Orb of Hope token.
  2. Use that token to play the Terinia minigame.
  3. Drop the token on the platform, and if it lands on a Glowing chest at the bottom, you’ll get a random unowned Epic Tier or higher skin – with a good chance of scoring one of The Aspirants skins.

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