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Netmarble just dropped a fresh update for Tower of God: New World, and it brings a cool new character into the mix. After SSR Novick in the last update, now you’ve got the fiery demon Hoaqin joining the collectible card RPG, along with some new outfits and in-game events.

About Hoaqin Tower of God New World

Straight from the Tower of God series, SSR [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin is now part of New World as a Purple Element, a Warrior, and a Sorcerer. He’s a piece of the monster locked up in the Hell Train. Hoaqin used to be a big shot, making it into the top 100 most powerful in the Tower and serving as FUG’s top slayer White.

Don’t let his kid-like looks fool you, though. Hoaqin’s got a mean streak and loves causing conflicts. The only time he acts decent is when he keeps his promises. His main move is the Spell of Soul-Eating, letting him snatch powers by swiping people’s souls.

Hoaqin’s always on the hunt for more souls to snack on, aiming for a complete resurrection. Apart from Soul-Eating, he’s got Rampage, Jolt, and Teleport moves, all packing a punch against enemies. And if you want to switch up his look, you can dress him in two other costumes, Viole (Red Eyes) and Bam (Second Flipper).

And that’s not all – along with the new character, Season Four of Alliance Expedition is in full swing. The search phase, where you track down weapons, runs until the 22nd. After that, it’s time for boss battles until the 25th. Plus, the Formation Strategy Lesson Event is happening all month, giving you six chances a day to score some tokens for sweet rewards.

If you are looking forward to this update, then you might want to download Tower of God New World by using your respective app store.

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