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Exciting news from Flying Cactus studio! They’ve just spilled the beans on their first indie game, Wizarre. This turn-based PvP game is hitting mobile and PC early next year, and it’s all about magical battles with special NFT Wizards.

In Wizarre, your job is to put together the toughest wizard team out there. Pick wizards based on their looks, stats, and power to make your dream team. The magic comes from two things: body parts and weapons. These decide what powers and magic stuff your wizard will have. The stronger your wizard, the better shot you have at being the top dog on the leaderboard.

The game is easy to get into, but mastering it? That’s a different story. There are seven maps, each with its own theme, where players have to be smart about their moves. Spells add another layer of fun – there are over 60 of them! Choosing your squad based on the spells you want to use is the name of the game.

Oh, and Wizarre has a bit of NFT action too. There’s a special marketplace just for NFT trading. You can buy, sell, and grow your collection over time. It’s not just about characters; you can also sell and combine spells to make your Wizards even stronger. The top-tier wizards have killer abilities and look way cooler.

Wizarre is doing a test run on Google Play right now, and the cool part? You can play with your buddies on mobile or PC. iOS and macOS versions are in the works and should be dropping news soon. The big release is set for February 2024, but until then, check out the Steam page for all the deets.

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