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The Android Cellular Signal Booster Apps is a useful tool for everyone who wishes to improve the reception of their mobile device’s signal. This app is meant to boost your mobile device’s signal strength, allowing you to stay connected even in the most remote locations. You will never miss a call or text message again if you use the application listed below.

Best Android Signal Booster Apps

1. Connection Stabilizer Booster

Connection Stabilizer Booster is an app designed to help improve internet connectivity on 2G, EDGE, 3G, HSPA+, 4G LTE, 5G NR and Wi-Fi networks. It features Active Keep Alive, Active Reconnect and Force Connect, which help keep and re-establish the connection, and optimize the internet experience. It is available worldwide, and supports multiple carriers.


2. Net Optimizer

Net Optimizer is an app designed to improve web surfing speed by optimizing one’s device’s DNS records. It can help to find and connect to the fastest DNS server based on location and network, resulting in faster response time and reduced latency for online gaming.

With just one touch, users can find the fastest DNS server, scan all servers manually, and connect to it. This can result in noticeable improvement in web browsing time and better gaming experience.


3. Opensignal – 5G, 4G Speed Test

Opensignal is a free to use, ad-free mobile connectivity and network signal speed test app that allows users to measure their mobile connectivity and signal strength. It includes a 5 second download test, 5 second upload test, and a ping test to accurately measure internet speed. The app also includes a video playback test to measure load time, buffering, and playback speed issues.

Additionally, the app has a coverage map to show signal strength down to street level as well as a cell tower compass to show the closest or strongest signal. Finally, it records connection availability stats to show how much time is spent on 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, or no signal at all.


4. Network Cell Info Lite & Wifi

Network Cell Info Lite is a mobile app that helps users monitor their cellular and Wi-Fi signals. The app has a variety of gauges and plots to help users see their signal strength history, connection statistics, and more. The app also includes a “Best Signal Finder” map layer that shows users which cellular tower they’re connected to, along with signal strength history by location.


5. Wifi Refresh & Signal Strength

Wifi Refresh & Signal Strength – This app is designed to help you improve your wifi and mobile data connection. It can be used to refresh your wifi connection, check wifi signal strength, and get detailed information about your wifi with a dbm meter.

Furthermore, the app can be used to measure the strength of your mobile data signal and repair any issues with your mobile data. This small, easy to use application is perfect for when you’re experiencing slow wifi speeds. It can help you optimize your wifi network and get you back online in no time.


6. Auto Signal Network Refresher

Auto Signal Network Refresher is designed to help users optimize their mobile network and internet speed by refreshing and optimizing the signal. It features one-click refreshing of the network signal (4G/3G/2G) and Wi-Fi, fast refreshing of signal, maximizing the performance of the mobile network and Wi-Fi, providing complete information about the Wi-Fi connection and Sim details, and connecting to the best Wi-Fi signal available.


7. HSPA+ | H+ Signal Optimizer

HSPA+ helps to improve the speed and stability of your mobile data transmission. It is designed to help prevent your data connection from dropping to 2g/edge connection, as well as help to reduce ping and lag in online games, improve sound and video call quality for some VOIP services, and reduce buffering and lag when watching or streaming videos online. HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access) is a wireless broadband technology which allows you to access data at high speed using mobile data networks such as GSM and CDMA.


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