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HoYoverse has just announced the newest version for Honkai Impact 3rd, bringing fresh characters and story quests to the action-packed title. Known as Starbound Painter, in Honkai Impact 3rd version 7.1 revolves around Griseo, a young artist who eventually becomes a galaxy-hopping explorer.

Griseo Takes Center Stage in Honkai Impact 3rd v7.1

This update merges her childhood dreams with her adulthood as she swings her laser saber on the battlefield. Griseo comes equipped with the battlesuit Cosmic Expression and serves as an SD-type support character dealing Bleed DMG.

She wields a powerful laser saber, leaving Beacons around enemies on the battlefield. The kinetic energy costume has been replaced by internal energy, continually replenished through different attacks.

Special Weapon Skills and her Ultimate both consume the Internal Energy bar, dealing significant damage to enemies. This is where Beacons come in handy as meteor showers rain down from above, landing at their locations.

Moreover, Griseo excels as a supporter, enhancing the damage of her fellow companions. Griseo is accompanied by a New Story Chapter, XLII, introducing challenging boss battles.

Players will face Sa, hidden deep within the storm’s vortex. Fu Hua reaches this point thanks to Griseo’s paintbrush, and this is where players step in. They must control various forms of Fu Hua to battle Sa while Griseo provides support from the other end.

Meanwhile, several missions will be launched during this event. Four are specific to certain events, while one is a login quest. Completing four of them earns players the Herrscher of Sentience Character Card.

Interested players can download Honkai Star Rail and its 7.1 update through the relevant App Store!

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