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AFK Arena, a highly popular idle game, boasts excellent graphics and engaging gameplay, which are some of the reasons why it has many players. If you’re seeking ways to boost your character’s strength without spending money, you may want to take advantage of the redeem codes provided by AFK Arena on their Facebook and Discord, as of January 2023.

How to Play AFK Arena on PC!

Since AFK Arena is a mobile game with Idle genres, it is more beneficial for you to play it on PC by using an emulator to progress more. This is why we recommend you to use LDPlayers, which is a lightweight android emulator, which is the best for getting the job done. Here’s how to play it on PC by using Emulator:

AFK Arena Redeem Codes 2023:

AFK Arena Redeem Codes

  • 8mjeki46pm:
  • AFK100:
  • mystery2023:
  • special2023:
  • afksummer2023:
  • HAPPY2023:
  • lightbearer: Light of Piety
  • mauler: Undying Flame
  • wilder: Tuneful Spring
  • graveborn: Gallant Souls
  • afk888:
  • misevj66yi:
  • uf4shqjngq:

Tips to get more rewards:

For new players, players can use the codes above twice to get additional freebies. However, you will need to change the language to Chinese and try redeeming it. This is a bug found by players to let the player redeem the codes above and the rewards.

How to Redeem AFK Arena Codes:

If you are new to the game and is wondering how and where to redeem the codes, then you can use this little tutorial to get the rewards:

  • Open AFK Arena Official Website to redeem the codes
  • You will need to find the User ID that is available in the game by clicking your profile and type it in the available box
  • Search for your verification codes on Profile >> Settings >> Verification Codes and type it in the box
  • Click Login
  • A new box will pop up and then type in the codes above in the box

It is a little more complicated than the usual redeem codes for most games, but it is not that hard!

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