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If you are looking for a new Pokemon game, you might want to download and check out a fan made game called Pokemon Xenoverse. In this game, You will embark on an extraordinary Pokémon adventure with “Pokémon Xenoverse,” a captivating fan-made game brought to life by the creative minds of Team WEEDle. Check out the information about the game here.

What is Pokemon Xenoverse?

Pokemon Xenoverse

“Pokémon Xenoverse” is a fan-made game created by Team WEEDle using RPG Maker XP. In this game, players assume the role of a Pokémon Trainer in the Eldiw Region, initially embarking on a journey to find their missing father.

In Pokémon Xenoverse, players embark on an exciting journey in the Eldiw Region as a young Pokémon Trainer in search of their missing father. However, the narrative takes an unexpected turn when interdimensional faults start emerging in the region, leading to the discovery of the Xenoverse.

Alongside these dimensional rifts, enigmatic X Pokémon emerge, presenting a new and challenging threat. The protagonist finds themselves entangled in a complex web of events as they must confront both the powerful X Pokémon and the sinister Team Dimension, an organization with mysterious motives aiming to exploit the interdimensional phenomena for their own dark purposes.

The game’s storyline unfolds as players navigate through the Eldiw Region, encountering diverse landscapes and a variety of Pokémon. The challenge intensifies as the protagonist strives to thwart the plans of Team Dimension, adding layers of intrigue to the overarching narrative.

Pokémon Xenoverse not only offers the classic Pokémon Trainer experience but also introduces a unique twist with the inclusion of interdimensional elements, providing players with a fresh and engaging take on the Pokémon universe.

Where to Download Pokemon Xenoverse?

Pokemon Xenoverse

Right now, Pokemon Xenoverse is available to download on its Official website, but for legal reasons, we couldn’t release the information on our website. So you might want to check out Google.

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