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Looking to increase the strength of your Milky Way Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom? Follow this guide to discover the best toppings to use for optimal performance in battles. As a devoted fan of Milky Way Cookie, you’re constantly seeking ways to boost your abilities in combat.

One surefire method is by selecting the right toppings for her build. This article offers a comprehensive guide on which toppings to choose and the reasons behind their effectiveness for Milky Way Cookie.

Milky Way Cookie Topping Build:

Recommended Toppings Build:

  • For Milky Way Cookie, we recommend using X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings to increase the topping. To further boost your stats, consider using Moonkissed Swift Chocolate Toppings.

Alternative Toppings Build:

  • For Milky Way Cookie, it is recommended to use X5 Solid Almond Toppings to maximize the defend. You can also use Moonkissed Solid Almond Toppings for additional bonus stats.

Milky Way Cookie is an epic charge type cookie that recently debuted on January 19th, 2023. Her skill, Sugarcloud Express, is incredibly potent. When she boards her dream train, she receives a DMG Reduction buff and grants the entire team Stun Resistance.

Additionally, she repeatedly pushes back the foes, applies a DEF Reduction debuff, and inflicts damage. After completing her shift, Milky Way Cookie provides a Shield to herself and the team. While executing her skill, she temporarily becomes impervious to interruption effects. As a resident of the World of Dreams, she’s immune to the Beckoning Dreams effect

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