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For those that are new to the game, players should use 7 of these Summoners War Chronicles tips for beginners. Summoners War: Chronicles is an exciting MMORPG that offers a spinoff of the highly popular mobile game, Summoners War: Sky Arena, featuring a gacha-style gameplay.

In this new game, players assume the role of a Summoner and venture into challenging dungeons accompanied by a team of powerful monsters they have summoned and trained.

While some players may easily master the game’s complexities, others may encounter difficulties. To help new players avoid common pitfalls and get a better start, we’ve compiled a list of tips and mistakes to avoid. Here are the Summoners War Chronicles tips that we can give you, check them out!

Summoners War Chronicles Tips for Beginners:

Summoners War Chronicles Tips

1. Make Sure to Follow the Storyline

The storyline of the game acts as a tutorial for newcomers, and it’s important to read through it to gain context and learn the basics of the game.

2. Complete Main Quests

Completing main quests is a fantastic way to obtain resources and currencies that are necessary to advance in the game.

3. Manage Your Resources Wisely

Players should be cautious when using Crystals, the premium currency used to upgrade units. They are only available in certain areas of the game, so it’s important to acquire them whenever possible and use them wisely.

4. Don’t Overlook Game Modes

Each game mode offers a distinct experience and provides valuable rewards, including rare equipment and materials that can be used to improve players’ units.

5. Remember to Soul Link

Soul Linking allows players to manually control their monsters during battles, which is an effective way to increase their chances of success.

6. Utilize Autoplay

Autoplay is a useful tool for players who are pressed for time, as it saves them the time that they would have spent grinding for resources. It’s important to note that it won’t work for exploring new areas.

7. Summon Powerful Monsters for Your Team

Summoning new monsters and building powerful teams is a crucial aspect of the game. It’s important to keep trying, and players should not be discouraged by unsuccessful attempts at summoning.

In summary, following these tips can greatly enhance your gameplay experience in this particular game.

Remember to play through the storyline, complete main quests for valuable resources, manage your resources wisely, explore different game modes for unique rewards, soul link your monsters for greater control, utilize autoplay to save time, and keep summoning new monsters to build a strong team.

With these strategies in mind, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the game and achieving success.

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