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Great news for Tower of God New World players! Netmarble just dropped a fresh update, packed with cool stuff for the collectable card RPG. Here’s the lowdown on what’s new:

6 New Tower of God New World Updates before Christmas!

1. Meet Gustang – The Newest Teammate:

The update introduces a new teammate, SSR+ [Data] Gustang. He’s a purple element, supporter, and wave controller.

Gustang is a digital clone of Po Bidau Gustang, one of the Ten Great Families, created on the hidden floor during his tower climb.

Despite his serious demeanor, he’s a caring character who crafts special tools for teammates. Gustang excels on the sidelines, helping with recovery, increasing ally swiftness, and removing debuffs.

2. Astrolabe Growth Support System:

Say hello to Astrolabe, a brand-new growth support system. Limit Break Teammates can give you Astrolabe Keys, which you can exchange for extra Coins, Shinsu, and EXP from loot.

3. Winter-Themed Costumes:

Get into the festive spirit with winter-themed costumes for Data Gustang, Po Bidau Blanc, and Yeongsuk.

4. Limited-Time Events Until January 3rd:

Dive into special events like Gustang’s Secret Tome Check-in and Story Exchange Shop, offering rewards such as SSR Po Bidau Blanc, Secret Tome Tickets, Normal Summon Tickets, and Suspendium.

5. Holiday Boss – Everglow Tree:

Clear all event story stages to unlock the special holiday boss, Everglow Tree, and earn a special border reward upon completion.

6. Alliance Expedition – Season 5:

Join in the fun with Search and Boss Phases during the fifth season of Alliance Expedition.

The update is live, and you can download Tower of God: New World for free. Don’t miss out on the new adventures and goodies waiting for you! Those interested in the game can download it on Google Play Store and iOS App Store!

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