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Stardew Valley is, without a doubt, one of the very greatest mobile farming simulation games that you can find everywhere. However, after playing for a while, the game might get tedious since there has been no new update added and the modifications do not always provide the same sensations that were there when the game was initially released. If you are feeling the same way as I did, then you might want to check out some of the greatest alternatives to Stardew Valley if you’re seeking something similar to play right now. Here are some of the top ones.

Best Android Games Like Stardew Valley!

1. Komori Life

Komori Life, the game is about a man/woman that is bored with his/her life in the city, and wanted to try living in the countryside.

Much like stardew valley, players can do almost everything in the game. Socializing with the locals, farming, cooking, building and many more. Well as long as you are within your farmland. The gameplay is really simple which is to relax and enjoy it. Players are task to certain jobs, either by providing crops, hunting, or even just talking to one another. It is a really simple game that lets you enjoy and relax.


2. Harvest Town

The mobile game Harvest Town is a pixel-art style farming simulation game. It has a variety of RPG aspects, a great degree of freedom for players to play with, and it provides a farm life that is realistic while yet being exciting. The story opens with you as an old guy who worked in a foreign city and is now starting to miss the beautiful scent of grass and the delectable taste of milk in your village. This is where the adventure begins.

You have the conviction that if given the opportunity once more, you would have chosen to remain a resident of the town. Later on, you go to sleep with some regrets, but when you wake up, you are taken aback by the realization that you have arrived back at your hometown. Your excitement is unaffected by the abandoned manor; instead, you pick up the tools and resolve to transform your manor into a gorgeous landmark building in the town.


3. Graveyard Keeper

In the game Graveyard Keeper, you will take on the role of an actual graveyard keeper. Your job will consist of unearthing dead bodies on a daily basis, then burial them in the ground. Your objective, however, is somewhat different; as you were actually not a native in the world you currently live in. As such your goal is to discover how to get back to the world in which you were born.

You are a working slave who was hit by a car and found yourself unexpectedly in a medieval world where swords and magic are in the town doing graveyard work. You had no idea how you got there. In this game, you will have to do an autopsy on a dead body every day and then bury it. You will also assist the various citizens of the town and engage in trade with them. While doing so, you can also do farm work, much like stardew valley and so on.


4. My Time at Portia

The role-playing game My Time at Portia is one of the most impressive agricultural RPG simulators available, and it allows players to experience life on a farm. It is one of the best games that was released in the beginning of 2019 and has quickly become a fan favourite. Especially for people who have played other games in the same game like Stardew Valley

At the beginning of this game, you play the role of a city guy who is looking for something different. You begin your adventure on a colourful farm located close to a city named Portia. To regain your farming glory, you need to sell everything that you have farmed, including milk, eggs, and vegetables. This will bring in the most money.


5. Harvest Valley

As a young farmer, you put in significant work each day to harvest your farmland in the valley where you reside. You can earn money by planting and harvesting crops, caring for livestock, and selling the finished products of your agricultural labour! Spend the money to unlock new maps and blocks, collect the necessary materials to fix existing buildings, and don’t forget to complete the quests your valley-based pals have set you!


6. Mini Mini Farm

Mini Mini Farm is a farming game in which you construct your own island farm daily at your own speed. Accept requests from residents, earn money, and explore the island as you unearth its secrets and develop the area for future settlers! Long ago, when land was scarce and seldom populated, you were assigned to work on a remote, uninhabited island far from your family.

It is now your responsibility to generate money by answering people’s demands, gathering resources, and constructing dwellings in order to develop this foreign territory into a place where people can live. All the while, you fantasize about reconciling with your family and living happily with them again.


7. Brave Farm Survival

This is the tale of a courageous guy who vanquishes the demon king. It is meant to be a slow existence in a serene world. However, a dungeon suddenly appears in the area! You must defeat the dungeon and reclaim your farm in order to reclaim your tranquil life in the country.


8. Spirit of The Island (Coming Soon)

Spirit of the Island players will be able to farm, build and craft their own tourist utopia. Players can interact with almost object in the game, and use hundred of recipes to make their own stuff on the island. You should also craft swords and other weapons because you will need them to expand your village in the game. Create your own island, play with your friends, and explore the beautiful and dangerous island in this new and fun game, Spirit of the Island.

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9. Harvest Moon Story of Season

Marvelous revealed in March 2019 that they had licensed the Story of Seasons name to Tencent for their forthcoming mobile game. Two years later, the first mobile trailer for the newest mobile game, Bokujou Monogatary, was finally released. In the Story of Seasons game trailer, viewers will see the normal leading scenes, such as farming, tree cutting, fishing, and caring for livestock, among others.

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10. Slime Rancher

A vibrant and quirky adventure awaits in Slime Rancher! Explore a colorful alien world, capture and breed adorable slimes, and build your own slime ranch. With its charming visuals, relaxing gameplay, and addictive monster collecting, it’s a delightful escape into a slimetastic world.

11. Terraria

For those who crave adventure alongside their farming, Terraria delivers! This 2D sandbox game combines action RPG elements with exploration, building, and crafting. Dive into deep caves, battle bosses, and build impressive structures – the possibilities are endless in this Terraria’s expansive world.

Obviously, nothing can surpass the original Stardew Valley game, but after a while it may become monotonous due to the lack of new content, especially since the original developer intended to produce a new game called Haunted Chocolatier. If this list of games doesn’t satisfy your urge to play games similar to stardew valley, check out the list of videos below.

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