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Personally, i always like a life simulation game. In which people can try a different aspect in real life. Giving us some what if scenario. If i do this then this, or if i have this job then what will i do and many more.

Because of that i really love a game called Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, this game is really popular back in the day! I have been searching for a similar game like Harvest Moon to play in android.

One of my most favorite Harvest Moon like game that i played in mobile is the Stardew Valley with more than 50+ hour and more content or feature that can be play. But after that, it grow old and then you start wanting for more. Thankfully i found a game called Harvest Town.


Harvest Town is a pixel-style farming simulation mobile game. It contains various RPG elements, allows players to play with high degree of freedom, and creates a realistic yet interesting farm life. The story begins with you as an old man who worked in a foreign city, and now starts to miss the delightful smell of grass and the deliciousness of milk in your hometown.

You believe that you would have stayed in the town if you were given another chance. Later you sleep with some regrets, but when you wake up, you surprisingly find out that you are now back at your home town. The deserted manor cannot affect your excitement; you pick up the tools, decide to make your manor a beautiful landmark building in the town.

From now, you can enjoy the relaxing farm life. Here you can complete various orders and missions, let your manor be known around the world. Try to communicate with everyone in the town, perhaps you can meet your own love. Explore in the mysterious caves, fight with unknown monsters and acquire rare treasures. You can go online to share the fun with other players by racing horses and trade gifts. Finally, you can cook delicious dishes with the fish you catch.

Harvest Town is a more pixelated mobile Harvest Moon like game that you can play whenever and wherever. You can explore so many things in the game. Start from farming, getting married, to exploring an unknown area by boat and stuff. I love the idea where we can do anything that we want in this game and make own landmark, living place, or anything in this game.

The only downside is that there is a IAP that will give you a boost. However, that is up to you, and if you are interested in trying the game, try it out in the link below to download and play it!

App Rating : Harvest Town (Free)

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