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As a Mobile Legends player, most of the time i play ranked match, they always banned the same thing. Either Harith, Esmeralda, Khufra, Kaja, or even Lunox. Thankfully though, you can still sometimes use the Lunox, and because of that she is probably one of the op heroes that can make you win the match.

But, some people still a little bit confuse on her built. So, today we will give you one of the best Lunox Item Build for savage Lunox.

If you see the video above, it is played by one of the most OP Lunox player called “ɢᴏsᴜ Hoon”. He give us a little bit of his gameplay for us. In that video, the emblem that he use is the Magic Worship Emblem + Movement Speed for mobility and + Magic Penetration for more damage.

And for the item, here is the item build for Lunox according to “ɢᴏsᴜ Hoon” and the explanation:

  • Demon Shoes: for Maximum Mana efficiency. You will definitely need this item for more skill use. This item is pretty good even in the late game. Lunox has a really low mana regen, especially since she will be using her skill because of her ultimate, and because of that this item is really important for you.
  • Lightning Truncheon: this item enables you to deal more damage to the enemies each time you use your skill. Added with her passive that enables her to deal 150% more magic damage, she will be unstoppable! Since Lunox use her skill based on HP Loss percentages, this item will deal more damage the first time, and the second time she “Dreams” someone, she will deal more damage.
  • Clock of Destiny: nothing much can be add. This is a balance item, increasing her Magic Power, Mana for Thunder Truncheon, and over all health for more durability. One of the core item for her. Clock of destiny is good for her because of her ability to prolong Lunox health durability, there and her magic damage over all.
  • Concentrated Energy: most useful item for Lunox. Use this item for more durability especially in the late game. With this item, each time you kill the enemies or use skill. You will gain health which will lead you in more kill. If you have 500 gold, my advice is for you to buy the little magic lifesteal item and buy the big one after.
  • Winter Truncheon: it is not a core item and depends on the enemies you should buy it. This item will give you prolong time for you if you are often ganked by your enemies, or if your enemies have a huge burst damage hero like Gussion, Eudora, Aurora, or any hero that can kill you with a single snap. This item can give you more health, armor, magic and most importantly the ability to be untargetable for 2seconds.
  • Holy Crystal: this will improve her damage significantly. Added with the bonus Magic power, she will deal massive damage, even in the late game. Lunox already have her magic penetration passive, so what she needs is the ability to deal more damage even in the late game and this item is the answer.
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