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Regardless of the graphic, pixel games had come a long way. There are so many good games that can be played with pixelated graphics. Take Zenonia for example, the game that had been released since 2009 is still very good even after ages. So without further ado, here are some of the best Nostalgic Pixel Art RPG Games on Android 2023! Check it out!

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10 Best Nostalgic Pixel Art Games on Android 2023!

1. Mystic Guardian

Mystic Guardian was created by two people who were huge fans of JRPGs. This Guardians of Fantasy: Action Role Playing Game (Action RPG Game) is devoted to all JRPG fans that desire to travel back in time to the 1990s. Are you a fan of Time Travel RPGs or Action RPGs? We welcome you to relive the glory days.

This is the JRPG for you!! This “Guardians of Fantasy: Old School Pixel Guardian Tales Game” is a story-driven experience that allows all users to discover a fresh and fascinating RPG world full of surprises. You can explore the narratives by re-playing this Action Role Playing Game for a long time!


2. Zenonia Series

ZENONIA is a role-playing game (RPG) that has a significant amount of action. The definitive turn-based role-playing game is now available in glorious HD Graphic! When an ancient evil poses a threat to the planet’s existence, heroes from the past are need to get back together in order to change the course of history. Come along with the main character and the other characters as they go out on the most epic adventure ZENONIA has ever seen!


3. Inotia

When the two opposing factions come back together, which one will you choose to support? Inotia Saga is a popular pixelated action role-playing game that has been taken to the next level.

With a more HD Graphic, Participate in the main character’s fantasy adventure story by following in their footsteps. Fight your way against a variety of foes, such as goblins, orcs, and more, while taking use of the better graphics and narrative of the previous series.


4. CrimsonHeart2

Crimson Heart2 is a classic role-playing game that features an engaging and profound plot. Where you will be able to follow From the perspectives of four distinct characters, each with their own unique ability, and the ability to combine any two of those characters into a single group.

Even when the main story has concluded, there are a surprising number of different contents that can be interacted with. Crimson Heart 2 is one of the best retro-style pixel games ever made since it offers a variety of item choices that can be used to boost the player character’s stats.


5. S.O.L : Stone of Life EX

Stone of Life is one of the top Old School Role-Playing Games and Offline Role-Playing Games available for Android. The game featured a cool action role-playing element! Where you could take on challenges in an infinite number of dungeons! There are an infinite number of dungeons to provide a challenging experience.

The game features a large number of Dungeon Challenges, each with its own unique set of goals and rewards!! Explore Four unique job classes are ready for your decision! that allows each job class to have its own unique set of weaponry and training skills, that are fully customisable! You will definitely love this game!


6. Demong Hunter 2 – Action RPG

“Demong Hunter,” the most popular action game in Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, and Korea, is back! Begin your second adventure with more intense action, a detailed storyline, multiple stages, and special characters! Demong Hunter offer A true fantasy action game! The game is action-packed with fun, simple but advanced control mechanics!

Your goals is to Conquer the Demongs and restore peace to the Hunters! Follow the improved scenario with a plethora of single-player campaigns and take part in the newly introduced raid system! Demong Hunter 2 had 12 distinct Hunter characters with over 72 potent abilities, Play with your friends, use core system to grant more abilities to your equipment and build your town along side your hunter!


7. Legend of Mana

Set out on a quest to uncover the mythical Mana Tree saw in a dream, only to discover… the globe map is blank! You’ll collect rare artifacts along the way; place them wherever you like on the map to bring towns and dungeons to life and advance the plot.

Retro Classic Games Android

Meet a fascinating cast of characters, battle frightening monsters, and explore Fa’Diel’s huge globe. The music has not only been redone for this remaster, but you can now switch between the new and original soundtracks. Other additions include the ability to disable opponent encounters and the previously unreleased mini-game “Ring Ring Land.”


8. Chroisen 2

Chroisen2 is a conventional 16-bit RPG in which players can construct their own character by selecting from a selection of various classes. Warrior, Wizard, Shooter, Rogue, Knight, Summoner, Assassin… you’ll be able to choose from a variety of classes.

In Chroisen2, you can play a very long history mode in which you visit villages, interact with other characters, get tasks, and do everything else you’d expect from an RPG. Having said that, one of the game’s most crucial components is battle, which means you’ll be able to access a number of dungeons.


9. Seed 3


The third volume of the Seed Series (Seed 3) has been launched, with over one million downloads worldwide. A new hero, Mikhail, appears. The plot begins with the Mashima Kingdom, which exists on the opposite side of the Khalikuf continent and served as the focal point for volumes 1 and 2. It is up to you to decide if the hero, Makhail, can battle against his fate.

There are four distinct jobs to choose from, including knight, warrior, archer, and wizard, each with its own combat system. Not only that, players can utilize 5 types of buff skills and over 24 types of attack and defensive skills that may be used, and the superb presentation of each skill delivers a lively compulsive witnessing conflict even for a brief moment. The new conceptual runaway mode is a critical tool for attempting a drastic reversal.


10. Darkside Dungeon

Darkside Dungeon is an immersive pixel RPG that combines elements of roguelike and traditional RPG genres. Set in the darkest dungeon, players embark on an unpredictable journey filled with peril and rewards.

The game features strategic decision-making, character development, and challenging boss battles in dungeons. With a rich and engaging offline gameplay experience, Darkside Dungeon caters to JRPG fans seeking a unique adventure.

The game above are some of the games that can be played immediately after downloading. Despite the lack of graphical advancement, pixel games have come a long way. There are an incredible number of enjoyable games that may be played even if the graphics are pixelated. I hope this list of the top 9 Nostalgic Pixel Art RPG Games meets your needs and desires. Enjoy!

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