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Graphics aren’t everything in a good game; what you need in a game is fun and enjoyable gameplay. There are numerous interesting games with poor graphics, such as pixel survival games. The survival aspect of the games, combined with the adorable pixelated graphics, makes this genre a fan favourite. We will list out some of the best pixel survival games on android 2024.

Here, roonby will list some of the best Pixel Survival games available on Android; check them out!

12 Best Mobile Pixel Survival Games below updates!

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Pixel Survival Games on Android 2023

1. Ultra Pixel Survival

Screenshot Image

Probably one of the most underated pixel survival games. The game is an offline Pixel games, where your goal is to survive as long as you can in the wave of monster. Players can select bunch of different types of jobs, from warrior, Witch, Ninja, and event archer to play the game. Farm materials to make a wall or traps and hinder the enemies that comes in rounds. Try to defend and challenge yourself on how long you can survive in the game.


2. Alive in Shelter

Screenshot Image

Another survival games where players will need to survive in a post apocalyptic world. Players are given a family to help them stay alive, at least until help arrived. Here you will need to manage the resources, farm potato in the ground for food, and then use what you need to, and venture to the outside world for help. Be wary however, because there are radiation, mutant, and even survivor that might lead you to harm.


3. You Are Hope

You Are Hope is a survival game, where each minute is 1 year of the game lives. Players will need to make a civilization before they die, find a way to survive in the land filled with food and resources, and try to make sense of the resources that are scatter accross to make another item. It is hard to boot, for example to make fire, you will need to make wood, kindle, dry grass and combine them, while then using a fire bow to increase the heat. The game is hard, the community is awesome, and it is very fun to play.


4. Hunter Legacy

Your ancestors left you a piece of land. You must now rebuild it! Go on adventures to collect loot, hunt for resources, and so on. Explore the forest, mountains, caves, and plains in search of epic weapon blueprints and building materials. Defeat animals, orcs, goblins, and the undead (for loot) to become a legendary hunter worthy of the family name. And when you’re not fighting, you can tend to your farm, harvest and gather ingredients for battle, or simply rebuild your house. The game is fun, casual, but sometimes pretty hard.


5. Village of Adventure

Village of Adventure is a simple adventure survival game, where you will need to defend the town and survive from countless of monster that comes in your way. There are many skills that can be used in the game, and many unique mechanics implemented in the game that make it fun to play. You can kill monster, sell the loots, haggle the price, breed pets, run a farm, and many more. Definitely one of the best game that you need to play.


6. Pixel Survival Game 3

If you loves the previous 2 version of the Pixel Survival Genre, then you will definitely love this. There are so many things that are improved in the third version of the games, from the maps to the monsters. The game now is pretty similar to minecraft, except it is a 2D version of the game. Your goal here is to survive with anything you can, make your own house by using the materials scattered across the land, kill monster, or even raid your friends loots to increase your chance to survive. Can you do it?


7. Pixel Zombie

The zombie invasion has begun. Defeat the zombies and save the city! Fight zombies to earn rewards and purchase new weapons. You are not afraid of anything if you have a large arsenal of powerful weapons. Can you survive the wave of pixelated zombies?


8. Zombix Online

Zombix Online is a pixel sandbox game with survival elements and battles against real players and mutants! The game takes place in the area where the disaster occurred. Players must survive in a post-apocalyptic world, find friends, defeat enemies, and capture territory to obtain resources. Complete the NPC’s quests and tasks. Seasonal quests are available. Make items out of resources dropped by zombies and wolves.


9. Mini DayZ 2

The world is plagued by a lethal virus, The animals are out of control. People are acting more erratically. Civilization has crumbled, and the end times have arrived.  Only you have the ability to help humanity. Make your own based, find resources scatter across the post apocalyptic world, but beware, Zombies and survivor might kill you in sight!


Check out other Pixel Survival Games on the video below:

The list above contains some of the best and pixelated games on Android that you can play and download on Android. Most of the games above are free to play with ads in it, so if you are interested in them, do check them out. We also have listed out some other fun genres that you can play on this site, so do check them out! Here are the Best Pixel Survival Games on Android 2023!

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