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Welcome to the ultimate Tower of God: New World tier list, your one-stop destination for mastering the game’s character rankings! Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your adventure, this guide is here to assist you in assembling the perfect party for strategic combat.

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Tower of God, the beloved Webtoon series turned stunning idle game. Get ready to explore and battle foes with a team of powerful characters, some of which you’ll recognize from the original series.

With the convenient Shinsu Links feature, leveling up becomes a breeze, allowing you to jump straight into action from the very beginning. Let’s dive in and discover the best characters to enhance your gameplay and guide you through thrilling encounters!

Tower of God: New World tier list


  • [Data] Khun Mascheny
  • [Data] Zahard
  • [Fast Ship] Evan
  • [Flight] Urek Mazino
  • [Hellfire] Evankhell
  • [Steel Armored] Karaka
  • [Thorn] Viole
  • [Black March] Bam
  • [Center Director] Blanc
  • [Flame User] Yihwa Yeon
  • [Strategist] Khun Aguero


  • [Data] Gustang
  • [Data] Khun Edahn
  • [Lightning Spear] Khun Mascheny
  • [Black Horn] Arkraptor
  • [Demonic Fragment] Hoaqin
  • [Lightning Pill] Khun Ran
  • [Maniacal] Xia Xia
  • [One-eyed Wolf] Blarode
  • [Princess] Endorsi
  • [Proud Waves] Lozeal
  • [Young Girl] Rachel


  • [Anima] Narae Seonwoo
  • [Assassin] Khun Kiseia
  • [Child] Endorsi
  • [Compressed] Rak
  • [Destined Path] Hwaryun
  • [Disruptor] Kurdan
  • [Doomsday Herald] Yeonhee
  • [Forever Prepping] Wangnan Ja
  • [Gamer] Khun Hatzling
  • [Honey Bee] Vespa
  • [Insightful One] Laure
  • [Musician] Yellowy
  • [Tactician] Lero Ro
  • [Wings of Destruction] Horyang Kang
  • [Pink Knit Sweater] Goseng Yeo


  • [Phoenix Incarnate] Rachel
  • [Crimson Soul] Novick
  • [Dark Abyss] Ghost
  • [Green April] Anaak
  • [Red Rose] Ha Yuri
  • [Red Wings] Amigocharz
  • [Yellow Feathers] Gyetang
  • [Red Lighthouse] Apple
  • [Void] Grey


  • [Arsonist] Quaetro
  • [Black Fish] Quant
  • [Blooming Flower] Miseng Yeo
  • [Bora Bora] Prince
  • [Deadly Martial Arts] Shibisu
  • [Deep-Sea Fish] Hansung Yu
  • [Doctor] Michael
  • [Dual Swords] Hatz
  • [Godfather] Lurker Kim
  • [Infernal Blademaster] Shane
  • [Knight] Cheonhwa Hong
  • [Pitcher] Mule Love
  • [Speedster] Edin Dan
  • [Renegade] Hoh
  • [Slugger] Leeron 3

Stay tuned for regular updates on this tier list as each new character release and major patches can potentially influence rankings due to buffs or nerfs. Please bear in mind that time zone differences may impact the speed at which new characters are added to the list.

Additionally, since Tower of God: New World has not been officially released yet, expect a complete rehaul of this tier list once the game is live. Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can easily refer back to it when you embark on your exciting journey in the game!

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