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If you’re delving into the world of Cookie Run Kingdom CRK and want to enhance your squad with the mighty Rebel Cookie, you’re in the right place. Rebel Cookie, part of the Ambush Cookies with top-notch DPS capabilities, can truly shine with the right Toppings. Let’s break it down in simpler terms for an easy-to-follow guide on the best Toppings for Rebel Cookie.

CRK Rebel Cookie Toppings Guide

1. Solid Almond Build: Prioritize Survivability

Rebel Cookie might be an Ambush Cookie, but his role as a Front Cookie demands a unique approach. Many players find success with a Solid Almond Build, stacking five Solid Almond Toppings. This not only boosts survivability but also ensures Rebel Cookie stands strong to protect your team. For Bonus Effects, focus on Defense to enhance his survivability further. If you want a bit more aggression, Attack and Cooldown are solid choices.

2. Searing Raspberry Build: Amp Up the Attack

Given Rebel Cookie’s nature as an Ambush Cookie, the Searing Raspberry Build is a winner. This set enhances Rebel Cookie’s Attack, making him a powerhouse in dealing damage. Prioritize Defense for the Bonus Effects on each Topping to keep him sturdy despite his position at the Front.

3. Swift Chocolate Build: Cooldown Mastery for Continuous Impact

For a different strategy, consider the Swift Chocolate Toppings. These decrease Rebel Cookie’s Cooldowns, allowing him to use his ability more frequently. As his skill provides valuable buffs and debuffs, maintaining them is crucial. Due to Rebel Cookie’s lower Defense, focus on Defense as a base, and stack Cooldown to amplify the primary bonus of Swift Chocolate Toppings.

In summary, whether you aim for solid defense, heightened attack, or more frequent skill usage, understanding the Toppings that complement Rebel Cookie is key. So, equip your Rebel Cookie wisely and let him lead your team to victory in Cookie Run Kingdom!

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