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GL 2 OC Codes – Dive into the vibrant world of Gacha Life 2 with this sizzling-hot, totally FREE OC codes for 2024! Ditch the blank canvas blues and unleash your inner fashionista with pre-designed cuties that’ll have your stories popping and your edits rocking.

From bubblegum-haired besties to edgy rebels and mystical moonlit wonders, there’s a personality waiting to be unleashed in every code. So buckle up, gacha gurus, because it’s time to inject some serious style into your Gacha Life 2 universe!

What are GL 2 OC Codes?

Gacha Life 2 OC codes are strings of text that allow you to import pre-designed characters, known as Original Characters (OCs), into the Gacha Life 2 mobile app. These codes capture the appearance and accessories of an OC, allowing you to use them in your stories, videos, or just for fun.

Some Thing That You Need to Know About Gacha Life GL 2 OC Codes:

  1. Gacha Life 2 is not yet released: As of January 9, 2024, Gacha Life 2 is still in development and not available to the public. Therefore, there are no official Gacha Life 2 OC codes available yet.
  2. Codes from Gacha Life may not work: While some codes from the original Gacha Life may work in Gacha Life 2, compatibility is not guaranteed due to potential changes in the character customization system.

Despite these limitations, there are still ways to explore OC designs and codes for Gacha Life:

  • Gacha Life resources: You can find websites and social media platforms dedicated to Gacha Life content, including OC codes and design ideas. Some popular options include Pinterest, YouTube, and Discord servers.
  • Gacha Club codes: Gacha Club, the current version of the Gacha app, shares similar mechanics with Gacha Life. Many OC codes created for Gacha Club may also work in Gacha Life, offering a wider range of designs to choose from.

Remember, when importing codes, be cautious about their source and avoid downloading codes from untrusted websites. It’s best to stick to reputable communities and creators you know.

Gacha Life GL 2 OC Codes

  1. Damien: 3L2SNERMN
  2. Sage: NQNTI7TWZ
  3. Anthony: YWYU7FB6C
  4. Mia: 7DWO7W17K
  5. Patricia: ZCJ51R6MP
  6. Kemuri: 2XPDHESZO
  8. Haruna: EYW94H7FV
  9. Kara: T7F5WCDUA
  10. Torin: V2WYQXSPZ
  11. Marvin: 4KG4DBGKW
  12. Tuli: ESTHWY9KK
  13. Akira: 4OF96MXEU
  14. Haruna: EYW94H7FV
  15. Whitney: OA1NDZR1T

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