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Good news for PUBG MOBILE fans in 2024! The game just kicked off the year with the Version 3.0 Update, known as “Shadow Force.” It brings fresh vibes and gameplay to Erangel, Livik, and Sanhok, along with some new tools to spice up your strategies. Check out the Shadow Blade, Skytether Hook, and Proxy Scout – all designed to amp up your combat game.

The latest update runs until March 11th, featuring a themed game mode introducing the melee weapon, Shadow Blade. This sword lets you deal damage with its aura and boosts your mobility with the Draw Slash skill. The Skytether Hook allows you to zip through the air, surprising enemies or making a quick escape. And with the Proxy Scout, you can deceive your opponents using a controllable dummy scout.

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, the game is adding a romantic touch with themed photo-op locations and a two-seater bike. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Metro Royale map and upgrades to the World of Wonder.

This update has a lot more in store, and if you’re eager to dive in, check out PUBG MOBILE through the links below. Don’t miss the sneak peek in the embedded clip above to get a taste of the update’s vibes and visuals. Happy gaming!

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