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In adventure games, selecting the right characters can make or break your gameplay experience. Understanding the crucial role of heroes, the King God Castle Tier List has been curated to assist players in picking the most effective heroes for their teams.

Facing formidable adversaries at the onset of the game, the King God Castle by AWESOMEPIECE demands the deployment of your most skilled heroes. The tier list has been designed to rank the best heroes suitable for both PvP and PvE modes, ensuring a well-rounded gaming experience.

The King God Castle Tier List categorizes 41 characters into five tiers based on their skill sets, health, and attack speed. The tiers range from the top-ranking S-Tier, housing the most powerful and dominant heroes, to the less effective D-Tier, featuring heroes that might not perform optimally in various game stages and modes.

Update January 2024

King God Castle Tier List

S-Tier Heroes:

  1. Bombie – PvE, PvP
  2. Luniare – PvE
  3. Shelda – PvE
  4. Asaip – PvP
  5. Behemus – PvP
  6. Hansi – PvP
  7. Leonhardt – PvP
  8. Luniare – PvP
  9. Lyca – PvP
  10. Mel – PvP
  11. Zupitere – PvP
  12. Zuo Bai – PvP
  13. Zuo Yun – PvP

A-Tier Heroes:

  1. Alberon – PvE
  2. Aramis – PvE, PvP
  3. Bardrey – PvE
  4. Chung Ah – PvE
  5. Hansi – PvE
  6. Leonhardt – PvE
  7. Lily – PvE
  8. Lyca – PvE
  9. Mel – PvE
  10. Yeon – PvE
  11. Zuo Bai – PvE
  12. Agathe – PvP
  13. Daniel – PvP
  14. Draco – PvP
  15. Shelda – PvP

B-Tier Heroes:

  1. Behemus – PvE
  2. Cain – PvE
  3. Evan – PvE
  4. Hela – PvE
  5. Mara – PvE
  6. Mirsyl – PvE, PvP
  7. Ren – PvE
  8. Rosette – PvE
  9. Taeson – PvE, PvP
  10. Tia – PvE, PvP
  11. Zuo Yun – PvE
  12. Zupitere – PvE
  13. Bardrey
  14. Chung Ah
  15. Mara
  16. Priya
  17. Yeon

C-Tier Heroes:

  1. Agathe – PvE
  2. Daniel – PvE
  3. Draco – PvE
  4. Priya – PvE
  5. Alberon – PvE
  6. Cain – PvE
  7. Jol – PvE

D-Tier Heroes:

  1. Asaip – PvE
  2. Jol – PvE
  3. Rahawk – PvE, PvP
  4. Evan – PvP
  5. Hela – PvP
  6. Lily – PvP
  7. Ren – PvP
  8. Rosette – PvP

Stay informed with our comprehensive King God Castle Tier List and make informed decisions to elevate your gaming journey. Remember, as updates continue to roll out, the rankings might change, so be sure to revisit this page regularly. For now, assemble your party wisely and enjoy the adventure!

Reroll Guide King God Castle

We recommend that you use the emulator to make it easier to reroll several times because it has a multi-instance feature to find the team composition you want. One of them is in the LDPlayer Emulator which can be downloaded at [the following link]!

After downloading and installing LDPLayer, press Multi-Instance which will allow you to open as many android emulators as your PC or laptop can. Then follow the King God Castle gacha reroll guide below!

Here is the Guide to King God Castle’s gacha reroll:

  • In the Account section below the home screen, press the sign in by using guest character or use your email
  • Create your character
  • Finish the tutorial and Gacha your character
  • Tap Close Account in the profile section

In King God Castle, one can only hope that sufficient rerolls will allow one to assemble an awesome team. We wish you luck.

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