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The Latest Mobile Legends File Size 2024 is certainly the most frequently asked question by Mobile Legends game players. Mainly because, this MOBA game often presents updates that add to the existing file size for the MOBA game developed by Moonton.

Moonton itself often provides patch and content updates every 2 weeks, bringing many changes to the game that is enjoyed by many people.

Updates: 2024 – Check

Mobile Legends, 5v5 MOBA Gameplay

Moonton developed the Mobile Legends game, presenting a 5v5 game for its players. Here the task of the main player is to destroy the enemy nexus to become the defending winner. By using more than 100 heroes with various roles such as tankers, support, assassins, mages and fighters.

Each hero has their own skills that can be used to kill their enemies. If you are interested in playing the MOBA game, you can download it on Android, iOS and PC using an emulator.

File Size Mobile Legends 2024:

With the many updates provided by Moonton, it is not surprising that many people have guessed how many sizes there are to play the Mobile Legends game. Size itself relates to the storage owned by prospective players that must be provided to install the game.

Although on the Google Play Store players only need to have a size of 1GB> the total player will use 7.5 GB more to download the full game, both Magic Chess and Brawl Mode which is separate. Not only that, if you only play the original file which is around 3.5 GB above.

Mobile Legends File Size

That’s the latest file size for Mobile Legends 2024, which you need to prepare to play the mobile game developed by Moonton.

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