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IShowSpeed is one of the world’s most popular streamers, known for his crazy antics like almost setting his house on fire by igniting fireworks indoors. Speed has become one of YouTube’s most-watched streamers.

However, in a recent broadcast, the streamer faced chaos after his younger brother’s PlayStation account got blocked. In a now-deleted live stream on January 16, Speed received an email notifying him that his PlayStation account was suspended for three days due to inappropriate behavior while playing LittleBigPlanet.

Initially confused and unaware of the game, Speed quickly realized, after a Google search, that his younger brother was likely the culprit.


“This is my brother, bro,” he said. “I’m going to call my brother. My brother got my account banned. I didn’t play that nonsense. What is this? I’ve never played LittleBigPlanet in my life.”

It turned out he was right, and his brother Dian admitted to using Speed’s account. Fortunately, the ban was not permanent but a temporary suspension from the PlayStation network. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that the streamer is still upset with his sibling.

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