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Youtube Adblock – For those who frequently use YouTube, dealing with long, unskippable ads can be frustrating. Even though ads have become commonplace on all streaming platforms and online content, YouTube has increased the number of ads displayed across the site.

YouTube Premium was initially launched in 2014, a paid subscription offering various benefits to users, including ad-free viewing on the platform.

However, many internet users have found ways to bypass YouTube ads using ad blockers. Recently, users have noticed issues with YouTube regarding the installation of AdBlock on their hardware. It is crucial to note that this problem seems to be related to the AdBlock itself rather than YouTube.

Plenty User Complain About YouTube x Adblock

While the initial impact was YouTube slowing down and becoming harder to navigate, online users are now reporting that AdBlock is not only slowing down but also causing their PCs to overheat.

A Twitter user shared how they “disabled AdBlock for one second, and the CPU temperature immediately dropped about 15 degrees, lmao, this is real… F**k YouTube, this should be illegal.”

Another commented, “I personally prefer YouTube not messing with my equipment on purpose, but that’s just me. Besides, it’s still a factor if you’re running other things with YouTube. My CPU runs at 60°C when actively using it and slows down to 80, YouTube doing that would start slowing me down.”

This slowdown also appears to affect users who subscribe to YouTube Premium while using an AdBlocker for other websites.

“I have a Premium package, but YouTube still does this to me. I just disabled it when using YouTube and added the website to the whitelist. This is insane,” added another YouTube user.

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