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DaFuqBoom’s viral YouTube video, “Skibidi Toilet,” is currently under investigation by Russian authorities following a report from a Moscow resident because of Harmful Effects.

The absurd and chaotic YouTube video gained notoriety for depicting a war between toilets with human heads and people with various electronic devices as heads, all created in Garry’s Mod, the iconic physics sandbox responsible for various YouTube Poop-style content over the past 15 years.

Skibidi Toilet was created by Georgian creator Andrei Gerasimov, who, in an exclusive interview with Dexerto, mentioned that he “didn’t expect” his content to explode in popularity.

However, the widely popular YouTube series by Andrei is now under investigation by authorities due to its current popularity after a concerned citizen reported the videos to Russian authorities.

According to local Russian news reports, a man living in Moscow informed the police about the YouTube videos of Skibidi Toilet, citing “harmful effects” on young viewers after he caught his child watching the videos.

Now, investigators are tasked with watching 70 episodes of the epic battles between toilets and humanoid machines in Garry’s Mod – probably not something they expected when they signed up for the job.

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