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Instagram has rolled out a new feature called “Nighttime Nudges,” specifically designed for teenagers to increase their awareness of the time spent on the app, especially when engaging with Reels or chatting in direct messages. This feature comes in handy for those who use social media late into the night.

If you spend more than 10 minutes on Instagram during the evening, this feature will pop up. The notification is intended to remind teens that it’s late and suggest taking a break to go to sleep.

Teens will start seeing a notification that says “Time for a break?” followed by a message “It’s late. Consider closing Instagram for the night.” These notifications will appear after 10:00 PM. The nighttime nudges will be displayed automatically and cannot be turned off, meaning teens cannot choose to opt-in or out. Of course, teens have the option to ignore the prompt and continue using the app.

TikTok introduced a similar feature last March, reminding users to close the app and get some rest.

Instagram Nighttime Nudges Feature Tells the Users to Take a Break

The Nighttime Nudges feature is part of Instagram’s efforts to reduce teens’ screen time on the app. The app already has features like “Take a Break,” displaying full-screen reminders for teens to take regular breaks from Instagram, and “Quiet Mode,” allowing teens to silence notifications and let others know they are unavailable for a while.

Last week, Meta announced that they would automatically restrict the type of content visible to teens on Instagram and Facebook. Teen accounts will be automatically limited from viewing harmful content, such as posts about self-harm, graphic violence, and eating disorders.

This new safety feature for teens comes as Meta faces regulatory pressure to do more to protect children. The company is scheduled to testify before the Senate on child safety on January 31. Executives from X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, Snap, and Discord will also testify, with committee members expected to press these executives on their platforms’ inability to protect children online.

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