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In this guide, we’ll delve into the Best nine characters in Atelier Resleriana, shedding light on their roles, skills, and why they stand out among the rest. Whether you’re a seasoned alchemist or a newcomer to the Atelier series, understanding the strengths of these characters can significantly enhance your gaming experience and contribute to a successful adventure in the captivating realm of Lantana.

In the vast and enchanting world of Atelier Resleriana, selecting the right characters for your journey is crucial for success. From formidable defenders to powerful attackers and versatile supporters, the game offers a diverse roster of characters, each with unique strengths and abilities.

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Best Characters on Atelier Resleriana

1. Sophie

A sturdy Defender capable of adapting to various situations. Specializes in weakening enemy resistances to different types of attacks.

2. Lydie

Atelier Resleriana Characters

A Support character that can multiply the combat strength of the entire party. Has the ability to increase ally damage by up to 100%, supported by several crucial support skills.

3. Ryza

A DPS (Damage Per Second) character with the potential for maximum damage, continuously strengthened through buffs obtained after defeating enemies.

4. Ryza Master’s Right-Hand

The best Breaker character in the game, incredibly useful for weakening enemy defenses.

5. Marie Fortune Full Bloom

Atelier Resleriana Characters

Despite shortcomings in one attribute, this character is equipped with various robust skills that provide significant advantages. One notable skill increases critical rate and damage potential.

6. Valerie Secret Amnesia

A DPS character with maximum mobility, whose potential becomes formidable after receiving various buffs, especially in preparation for unleashing a burst skill.

7. Roman

Atelier Resleriana Characters

Another sturdy DPS character, more suitable for prolonged battles as their combat potential requires building up over several turns.

8. Izana

A DPS character specializing in critical attacks. Requires other characters in the team that can provide similar buffs to strengthen their potential.

9. Resna Starry Heavens Gift

Atelier Resleriana Characters

A character with a speciality in increasing critical rates for all enemy teammates and ensuring critical hits by triggering abnormal status on enemies. Highly recommended to be in the same team as Izana.

About Atelier Resleriana

Atelier Resleriana

“Atelier Resleriana” is a captivating addition to the Atelier series, offering a rich and immersive gaming experience. Set in the world of Lantana, the game unfolds a narrative marked by a tragic history of diminishing Mana and the looming threat of destruction.

To avert disaster, nine Heroes, known as the Nine Miracles, appeared and saved the world, although Mana did not fully return. The protagonist, Resna, embarks on an adventure alongside her childhood friend Izana to discover the source of Mana, called the “World End,” and restore alchemy to its former glory.

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Atelier Resleriana
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