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Welcome to the Atelier Resleriana Reroll Guide! Embarking on your journey in this game can be a mix of excitement and uncertainty, especially considering the variety of alchemists available in the gacha banners. No worries, as this guide is here to assist you! This straightforward reroll guide will help you assemble the optimal starting team, ensuring a strong account as you begin your gameplay.

Keep in mind that this guide is based on the current version of Atelier Resleriana for the JP Server. The reroll process may differ when the Global Server goes LIVE. Nonetheless, the characters you should aim for remain consistent, and the purpose of this guide is to aid you in selecting the best characters to start with in Atelier Resleriana.

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Reroll Guide Atelier Resleriana

How to Reroll? 10 Easy Steps:

  1. Begin your rerolls and hope for favourable RNG!
  2. Complete the tutorial until you reach the gacha banners (Note: without skipping, this takes about 15 to 20 minutes).
  3. Receive pre-registration rewards via email (Pre-registration links provided at the end of this article).
  4. Enter a player’s invitation code for rewards.
  5. If the shop has affordable gacha tickets, exchange them.
  6. Pull from any permanent Beginner’s Banners for a guaranteed 3-star alchemist.
  7. If you didn’t get the characters you want, delete the player’s data from the home screen and proceed to the next steps (Time required: 15 to 20 minutes).

For subsequent rerolls (steps 8 to 10):

  1. Collect pre-registration rewards from the main menu’s email inbox.
  2. Conduct summons with a gacha ticket or star guide stone (gacha stone).
  3. If your rolls aren’t satisfactory, delete the player data from the home screen.

If you wish to reroll again, start from step 8! (Total time required: around 3 minutes from step 8 to 10). Follow this step-by-step reroll guide for a smooth start to your Atelier Resleriana journey!

Which Characters to Aim for in Rerolling – Atelier Resleriana

Atelier Resleriana

While individual preferences may vary, here are five characters that are generally considered excellent choices for rerolling in Atelier Resleriana:

Ryza (Innocent Dreamer):

As one of the iconic characters from the Atelier series, Ryza brings powerful attacking capabilities to the team. Her versatility and high damage output make her an excellent choice for your starting lineup.


Firis excels as a reliable attacker, offering a good balance between offense and defense. Her skills and abilities make her a valuable asset in various situations, making her a strong candidate for rerolling.

Resna (Starry Heavens Gift):

The protagonist of Atelier Resleriana, Resna, brings a unique set of skills that enhance the team’s critical hit rates. Having the main character with such a specialization can significantly boost your overall team effectiveness.


As a Breaker, Corneria is instrumental in breaking through enemy defenses. Her skills are particularly useful in challenging battles, making her a solid choice for those looking to reroll for a well-rounded team.

Marie (Fortune Full Bloom):

Despite potential shortcomings in one attribute, Marie compensates with a range of robust skills. Notably, her ability to increase critical rate and damage adds significant value to the team’s overall damage output.

About Atelier Resleriana

“Atelier Resleriana” is the latest instalment in the Atelier series, offering players a captivating blend of alchemy, exploration, and turn-based combat.

Set in the enchanting world of Lantana, the game follows the protagonist, Resna, on a quest to discover the source of Mana, known as the “World End,” and restore alchemy to its former glory.

If you are interested in Atelier Resleriana, then you might want to download the game on Android Google Play Store and Steam on PC!

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