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Warzone players are expressing frustration with the current state of the game and are claiming they’d be willing to pay a hefty sum to play the original version again. The first iteration of Warzone debuted in 2020, shaking up the battle royale genre and quickly becoming one of its most popular options.

Since then, the game has undergone numerous changes and updates, even rebranding as Warzone 2.0 last year. However, players are unhappy with its current status and are clamoring for the chance to play the original game once more, even at a high cost.

A post on the Warzone subreddit fondly reminisced about the original title, stating, “COVID Warzone was a simpler time.” The post included various clips from the game, showcasing weapons, map areas, and more that are no longer present in the current version.

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Other users chimed in, with one saying, “Hard to understand how special this was. The game had its issues but felt like a fairly balanced playground.”

A fan even offered a substantial sum to fulfil their desire to play the original Warzone again: “I’d pay $1000 for this right now. No janky movements and ridiculous skins.” Surprisingly, others agreed to pay this amount for the game, with one response concurring, “Honestly, I would too.”

It’s important to note that the original Warzone was released right as the global health crisis hit, and players had little else to do but stay home and play it, making nostalgia a significant factor. However, comments here indicate that certain aspects of the first version are missed by players, such as the UI, weapons, Verdansk map, and “better gameplay.”

While the $1,000 offers may mostly be talk, it’s clear that fans long for the game, and it remains to be seen whether the upcoming return of Verdansk will address these sentiments.

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