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Recent reports from sources like Reuters suggest that a mobile adaptation of Elden Ring could be in development by Chinese mobile developer Tencent.

Following their acquisition of the game’s licensing rights in 2022, speculation has been rampant about the possibility of seeing this dungeon-crawling RPG, crafted by the makers of the Dark Souls series and featuring narrative contributions from George R.R. Martin, on android or iOS platforms.

Tencent Coming Up with The Upcoming Elden Ring Mobile

While the idea is undoubtedly intriguing, mobile gamers need to manage their expectations. Tencent is known for grand-scale projects, and while recent games like Resident Evil 4 Remake and Death Stranding have made their way to mobile, the sheer scale of Elden Ring presents a significant challenge.

Optimizing such a vast and complex game for mobile could take considerable time and effort, especially considering the performance issues often associated with FromSoftware’s PC ports.

Elden Ring Mobile Release Date

In its current form, Elden Ring may require extensive optimization to function smoothly on android or iOS, a task that could take months or even years. Given the history of FromSoftware’s PC ports and the scale of Elden Ring, a the android or iOS release may not be imminent. Speculation suggests a potential release around 2025, with confirmation possibly coming later in 2024.

However, it’s also possible that Tencent might opt for a different approach, such as developing a branded mobile game instead. Regardless, Elden Ring enthusiasts and android or iOS gamers should keep their expectations realistic for the time being.

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