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Apple’s attention is currently focused on developing a foldable iPhone. Recent reports suggest that Apple is testing various prototypes with hopes that one of them will pass quality control and enter mass production. Despite existing design challenges with foldable smartphones, Apple remains committed to creating the best version possible.

According to information from The Information, two main hurdles delaying the launch of a foldable iPhone are finding a durable hinge design and addressing screen creasing when the device is fully unfolded. Currently, several prototypes are in development, but specifics are kept under wraps. An unnamed source suggests that the launch might not occur before 2024 or 2025.

While Apple is in the prototyping phase, the company has engaged in discussions with at least one component manufacturer to integrate them into the supply chain. The company’s name wasn’t disclosed in the latest information, but previous reports mentioned Samsung and LG’s involvement in providing foldable screen samples to Apple. However, if Apple isn’t satisfied with durability or other issues, development might be halted.

Price is also a consideration, with concerns that consumers might be less interested in a foldable iPhone if the price is high. Although Apple is also considering a foldable iPad, those plans will likely materialize after the launch of the OLED iPad Pro model later this year. Similar issues with hinge design and screen creasing are also key concerns in overcoming mass production challenges.

Apple’s earnings in the first quarter of 2024 indicate that the company isn’t overly pressured to enter the foldable smartphone market yet. However, increasing competition from rivals offering more affordable versions may eventually push Apple to launch this product.


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