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Palworld has rapidly risen to the peak of gaming popularity worldwide in 2024. Often dubbed as “Pokemon with guns,” the game has attracted players to explore its various features. However, its popularity hasn’t come without controversy, as the Pokemon Company is investigating its similarities with their franchise.

Despite the controversy, Palworld has captured the attention of players globally, especially with its online multiplayer feature allowing players to join servers together and form Pal kingdoms.

Being the host to millions of players isn’t an easy task for the developers, especially Pocketpair. The CEO and network engineer of Pocketpair revealed that server maintenance costs reach around $500,000 USD per month, or approximately $6 million per year. Nevertheless, there are indications that the developers might receive financial support from the streaming service, Rumble.

Rumble CEO, Chris Reach Out Via X

After learning about the substantial costs borne by Pocketpair, Rumble’s CEO, Chris Pavlovski, immediately reached out to the developers via Twitter.

“Hi Palworld_EN, we’re ready to step in and help. Rumble Cloud is your solution. Send me a message,” the CEO said.

Pavlovski explicitly discussed the use of Rumble Cloud, aggressively promoting his product. While technically Rumble’s cloud services could help reduce server costs, there’s no concrete information on any follow-up to the statement. The CEO invited the developers to directly message them, opening the door for further discussions regarding potential solutions and future partnerships.

There’s no certainty whether Pocketpair has accepted Pavlovski’s offer yet. However, with significant server cost burdens, the developers of Palworld may not have any other reliable options in the long run.

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