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Hey there, Tower Heroes enthusiasts! If you’re itching to strategize your tower lineup but feeling a bit overwhelmed, fret not! We’ve got your back. Our Tower Heroes tier list breaks down the cream of the crop among the charming characters in the Roblox tower defense game.

Tower Heroes Tier List

Now, let’s dive into our Tower Heroes Tier List for 2024:

  • S-Tier:
    • Balloon Pal
    • Branch
    • Lemonade Cat
    • Spectre
  • A-Tier:
    • Byte
    • Discount Dog
    • Kart Kid
    • Maitake
    • Scientist
    • Sparks Kilowatt
    • Volt
  • B-Tier:
    • Beebo
    • Chef
    • Dumpster Child
    • Hayes
    • Hot Dog Frank
    • Lure
    • Oddport
    • Slime King
    • Soda Pop
  • C-Tier:
    • Beetrice
    • Bunny
    • Fracture
    • Quinn
    • Stella
    • Voca
  • D-Tier:
    • Jester
    • Keith
    • Wizard

Tier List Explanation

Wondering what these tiers mean? Let’s break it down:

S Tier: The absolute best of the bunch. These characters are incredibly powerful and will give you a significant advantage over other players.

A Tier: Solid choices that provide a competitive edge. While not as potent as S-Tier, they’re still valuable additions to your team.

B Tier: Average characters that offer a decent gameplay experience. They’ll get the job done but may not stand out as much as higher-tier options.

C Tier: Below average picks. Consider exploring other options unless you have a specific strategy in mind. These characters may have niche uses but generally fall short.

D Tier: Simply put, don’t bother. These characters won’t contribute much to your defense strategy and are best left untouched.

Tower Heroes:

In Tower Heroes, you’re tasked with assembling a team from a delightful array of cartoonish characters to fend off hordes of monsters. Strategically place your characters along the path to intercept those pesky critters before they make a getaway. Utilize each tower’s unique stats and abilities, and don’t forget to level them up for a stronger defense.

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