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Are you intrigued by the confusion surrounding Dungeonborne Bounty Hunter level? Fear not, as we unravel this mystery and provide essential tips for completing the task. Dungeonborne offers a diverse fantasy RPG experience, featuring various classes to suit every player’s style, whether you prefer PvE or PvP adventures.

What is Dungeonborne Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter level often leaves players perplexed, but fret not! It’s tied to a quest called “Pest Bounty” in the Event tab. This quest requires defeating 80 six-legged green creatures, a task many players may have already unknowingly encountered.

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How to Conquer the Pest Bounty:

To complete the Pest Bounty quest efficiently, head to the Event tab and locate the task. Players recommend farming the creatures on the 3s map, where they spawn more frequently. Consider using the Rogue class for increased mobility. Gear doesn’t play a significant role in this quest, so don’t worry about having top-tier equipment.

Upon defeating all 80 green creatures, you’ll complete the Pest Bounty event task and receive the Bounty Hunter level upgrade. Additionally, you’ll unlock a limited-time Legendary Potion Skin, exclusive to demo participants.

Some players have reported a bug where kills aren’t always counted toward the completion of Pest Bounty. Despite this setback, perseverance and strategic gameplay can help you overcome any obstacles encountered during the quest.

With these insights and tips, you’re equipped to conquer Dungeonborne’s Bounty Hunter quest and uncover its rewarding treasures. Embark on your adventure, and may your journey be filled with excitement and triumph!

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