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Looking to add the elusive Ulquiorra to your roster in Anime Last Stand? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to crack the Cipher and unlock this secret character. While most units can be acquired through the typical gacha system, Ulquiorra stands out as an exception. But fear not! We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know to recruit him to your team. Check out this Guide!

How to Obtain Ulquiorra

Forget the usual gacha pulls; Ulquiorra isn’t obtained that way. Instead, you’ll need to venture into the Hollow Dimension stage. There, with a bit of luck, you have a 5% chance of snagging Ulquiorra as a random drop. Whether you’re playing on Normal or Nightmare difficulty, the odds remain the same.

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Can Ulquiorra Evolve?

While it’s not yet available in-game, developers have teased an evolution for Ulquiorra. To evolve him, you’ll need a special item: Ulmiorra’s Spear. This item has a 1% drop chance upon completing the Hollow Dimension stage.

It’s worth noting that while we’ve referred to the unit as Ulquiorra throughout this guide, in Anime Last Stand, it goes by the name Ulmiorra. Despite this, the community tends to use the official character names, hence our choice to stick with Ulquiorra here.

What is Anime Last Stands

Anime Last Stand, a popular Tower Defense game on Roblox, offers a diverse array of units from various anime series. Ready to unlock the power of Ulquiorra in Anime Last Stand? Head over to Roblox and start your journey today!


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