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Interested in adding Itachi, the Illusionist, to your Anime Last Stand roster? Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, this guide has all the details you need to know about this elusive unit.

Itachi Roblox Anime Last Stand Stats

Itachi’s Stats Itachi, also known as the Illusionist, is a Mythic unit with a drop rate of just 0.5%, making him one of the rarest units in the game. Here’s a breakdown of his stats and deployment costs:

  • Deployment Cost: 1K
  • Total Upgrade Cost: 44,250
  • Placement: 3
  • Damage Type: Ground
  • Main Attack Type: AOE (Area of Effect)
  • Element Type: Fire
  • Overall Damage: Ranges from 2.22K to 12.2K after upgrades
  • Range: Increases from 40 to 42 after upgrades

Upgrading units in Anime Last Stand is essential for maximizing their effectiveness in battle. Here’s a summary of Itachi’s upgrades and their associated costs:

Before Upgrades:

  • Cost: 1K
  • Range: 40
  • Base Damage: 2.22K
  • Burn Damage: 5,994
  • Level 75 Damage: 5.1K
  • Burn Damage: 13,7710

First Upgrade:

  • Cost: 2,250
  • Range: 40
  • Base Damage: 3.57K
  • Burn Damage: 9,639
  • Level 75 Damage: 8.21K
  • Burn Damage: 22,167

Second Upgrade:

  • Cost: 4.5K
  • Range: 40
  • Base Damage: 5.29K
  • Burn Damage: 14,283
  • Level 75 Damage: 12.17K
  • Burn Damage: 32,859

And so on, until the sixth upgrade, which costs 15K and boosts Itachi’s base damage to 12.2K.

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How to Unlock Itachi Anime Last Stand Skill

Unlocking Burning Gaze

Itachi’s Burning Gaze is a powerful technique that can be unlocked and upgraded. The cost and ticks of this ability increase with each level, providing additional damage over time to enemies within its range.

Best Technique/Trait Itachi Anime Last Stand

For maximizing Itachi’s potential, consider equipping him with the Elemental Master Technique. This technique increases his damage by 5%, giving him an advantage in battle. However, be mindful that this technique also decreases the duration of his damage over time effects, so use it strategically.

About Roblox Anime Last Stand

Anime Last Stand is a popular Roblox tower defense game featuring units inspired by anime characters. These units, like Itachi, bring unique abilities and techniques to the battlefield, making them essential for defending against waves of enemies.


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