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A visually impaired man was amazed when trying out the Apple Vision Pro at a store. He was surprised to find that the device greatly assisted him in seeing Just released on February 2, 2024, the Apple Vision Pro immediately caught users’ attention with its sleek design and unique user experience.

Many notable individuals, like rapper TPain, even expressed interest in trying out the headset in various situations. Even film directors used the device for video editing, while gamers found new ways to enjoy their favorite games like League of Legends.

An interesting moment occurred when a TikToker named James Rath, who legally has visual impairments, shared his experience with the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro Makes Visually Impaired Person See


Blind User Tries Apple Vision Pro: A Game Changer? 🤯👓 #Accessibility #blindtok #blindness #visionpro

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In a video uploaded on February 9, 2024, Rath provided some information about the headset’s features before recounting his actual experience. Despite having visual impairments, Rath still has some sight, and he was pleasantly surprised by the positive impact of the headset after trying it out.

“In my experience using this headset, the first thing I noticed is its ability to show everything around me. I felt like I could read various details clearly,” he said.

“With this headset, I can see clearer than with just my naked eyes. Amazing,” he added enthusiastically.

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James also explained that because the headset screen is very close to the eyes, everything appears larger and sharper compared to his normal vision. Not only that, VisionOS, the operating system used in the technology, comes with various accessibility features, including zoom function, which greatly helps enhance the user experience.

Many other users also commented to share their views, and the majority of them were impressed with how beneficial the device was for James.

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