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Pokemon Go players are expressing their frustration with Niantic over a recent issue regarding compensation rewards. These rewards, meant to alleviate player grievances during occasional game hiccups, are causing more annoyance than relief due to their short-lived availability.

In a recent Reddit thread, one player highlighted the problem: the compensation box vanishes after just one hour. This short window means that many players miss out on claiming their rewards, leading to disappointment and anger.

Compensation box disappears after an hour
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Adding insult to injury, some players found themselves unable to claim the rewards at all. This happened when players already had the maximum number of remote raid passes in their inventory. Despite trying to participate in raids to lower their count and claim compensation, they were left empty-handed as the rewards disappeared before they could access them.

The combination of a short time limit and a cap on rewards is making it difficult for players to feel adequately compensated for their troubles. Many are calling for Niantic to extend the availability of these compensation boxes to give players a fair chance to claim their rewards.

For those encountering compensation boxes in the future, the advice is clear: claim them immediately to avoid missing out. Hopefully, Niantic will take note of player feedback and address this issue to ensure a better experience for all Pokemon Go enthusiasts.

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