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Skull and Bones Crowbar Guide Embark on your pirate adventure in Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones and uncover hidden treasures with the essential tool every aspiring buccaneer needs – the crowbar. Here’s your complete guide on how to acquire, utilize, and enhance your crowbar in the game.

Skull and Bones Guide – How to Find, Use and Level Crowbar

Finding the Crowbar:

  • To obtain the crowbar, complete the initial contract titled “A Pirate’s Deal” offered by the Pirate Chief Officer on the West Island.
  • Go to Exeter and sail through them, Disembark there and meet the Pirate Chief Officer.
  • Retrieve goods lost in the wreck located north of the island, amidst floating barrels around the rocks.
  • Return to the Pirate Chief Officer with the salvaged goods to receive your crowbar as a reward.

Using the Crowbar:

  • The crowbar automatically equips when scavenging shipwrecks. Look for the “Force Open” and salvage.
  • In the mini-game, hit the marked button when the crowbar swings to stop it. Aim for both green and yellow areas for better results.
  • You have three attempts to salvage successfully; failing three times will halt salvaging.

Leveling Up the Crowbar:

  • Upgrade Crowbar so that you can get more feature and unlock new exploration.
  • Locate a Blacksmith vendor, such as the one in Sainte-Anne, to begin the upgrade process.
  • Acquire the relevant blueprint for the upgrade by completing contracts, missions, or purchasing them from vendors.
  • Gather the necessary resources specified in the blueprint.
  • Follow the instruction and upgrade it by using the blacksmith.

Armed with your trusty crowbar, venture into the depths of Skull and Bones, overcome challenges, and plunder the seas like a true pirate legend.

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