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Reddit AI – Since the start of 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) companies have seen a significant surge in popularity, thanks to the emergence of various chatbots and innovative tools. These tools, designed to facilitate human interaction with technology, have been leveraging online data to gather information through web scraping techniques, which in turn has sparked controversial reactions from various communities.

A report indicates that Reddit, one of the largest social media platforms, has struck a $60 million deal with an undisclosed AI company. This deal involves the sale of user-generated content from Reddit to the AI company. According to sources from Bloomberg, the contract grants the company permission to use Reddit content to train its AI models.

The reported $60 million annual deal is said to license the AI company to utilize comments and posts from over 800 million monthly Reddit users. Bloomberg also suggests that this model could serve as an example for other companies looking to sell their content to support the development of AI models.

Reddit isn’t the only platform involved in such agreements. In December 2023, OpenAI also signed a similar deal with the German media company, Axel Springer SE. Furthermore, OpenAI is in talks with CNN, Fox Corp, and Time to license their works in the future.

As artificial intelligence technology advances, we still have to wait and see how such deals will evolve in the future. However, the response from social media users indicates dissatisfaction with the idea of their personal content being sold for AI development purposes.

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